What is 99designs

If you are looking for a new graphic designer, a person who would make unique and trending
logos and other designs for you, you are in the right place. 99designs is a website that helps
people in getting any type of graphic design that they want. They have a team of expert
designers who can be hired by anyone and can work for them.
How does it work:
A person who wants to assign a designing task to someone needs to go to 99desgins.com.
Once the website is opened he needs to add what type of design he wants and what is his
budget. Once he has provided all the necessary details, ab appropriate designer will be
assigned to him to do the task for him.
If you are the one who is hiring, make sure that you tell him everything you want in your design.
For example, in case you are looking for someone to make an excellent logo for your company,
make sure that you mention details about your company, the type of services you offer and what
do you want the logo to look like. These points are necessary for the designee to keep in mind
in order to create a good logo. Once you have received your task, you are supposed to pay
Join 99desgins:
On the other hand, if you are a graphic designer and you think you can do it for other people in
exchange for some cash then you can also join 99designs. It is basically an Australian site and
accommodates graphic designers from all over the place. Once you decide to join it, you will
need to make an account and also submit some of your previous work to make sure that you
are good at this. Once they review your work and think of it as something that can help you in
earning, your profile will be approved.
Once you are hired for a project and you have submitted your task before the deadline, you will
be paid directly by the client. 99designs pays all of its dealers through Paypal or bank accounts.
To pull back your income, you need to go to the payment section of the site and check out all
the balance presented in your account. You can withdraw it whenever you want. You can take
your cash using either PayPal or bank account transfer.

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