Top 10 freelancing sites that are underrated

1. Elance
Elance is basically an Upwork company. They got all sorts of freelancing jobs with every category that you want to select, and they pay very good from 20$ to 2000$ a month.
You can easily start your work as soon as you want.

2. Behance
If are interested in the creative work like photography, illustrations, graphics design, logo design, then this site is ideal for you.
They offer a wide range of freelancing job regarding those fields with very good money involved.

3. Smashing Magazine
Smashing magazine is another site for freelance designers.
Here you mainly design the magazine cover, books and few other things relating the designing.
You can make $75 per project as a freelancer.

This site is heavily used for the creative designing especially for the web designers.
These jobs are logo designing, graphic designing, videos and animations.

5. Dribbble
Dribbble is another site which is for freelancing designers. There are over 10,000 designers that are being hired. You can be one of them.
But, to go there for earning purpose you must go pro.
Check website at

6. 99 Designs
99 designs are the best site for logo designing and it is very popular among the designers. If you know how to design a logo then this freelancing site is your heaven.
you must win a contest to become a designer, submit your design and then win the contest and make money.
The you will get 1 to 1 project and earn money
Check website at

7. Meta Filter
Not a popular freelancing site but you can find few jobs here. Best freelancing jobs are related to media and arts.

8. Simply Hired
Simply hire website is not specific to freelancing jobs however you can find some of the freelancing jobs too.
Freelancing jobs are very few and it is more for regular salaried jobs.

9. Dice
Dice is a great freelancing site for techies. They have given over 88,000 jobs to techies.
Freelancer developers and programmers can find a job here. Website:

10. Toptal
Toptal is great site for recruiters as well as freelancers. It is only for the developers and designers. No other jobs are offered here. The income is very good, but they allow only quality freelancers like the top 4%

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