Top 3 best freelance writing online jobs

Following is the finest selection of best online jobs with spot on sources where you can find these jobs

1) Online content writing jobs
Finding an online job in the content writing field is extremely easy. Anyone with the good English and proper grammar with the accurate usage of punctuation can apply for these jobs.
Following are the reason why this job is ranked.

In the world there are millions of bloggers who run their blog very successfully. However, not every blogger can write their own stuff of different genres hence they need a freelance writer to make their work easy and professional.
You can always find a job online regarding freelance writing for the blogs or any other agents.
Many blogs run large cooperation’s and businesses, you can easily find appropriate chancel to apply for these companies as a freelance writer on their websites or portals.

Following are some places where you can find writing jobs.
You can enroll yourself at any globally recognized freelance website that normally recruit online like Upwork, Fiverr, iWriter. Just find these and launch your career.

2) rural reporter or freelancer
every newspaper, radio, tv news channels requires men power to feed them with news and reports
it is obvious that they have wide range of professionals and experienced jurists who go place to place to find appropriate reports.
However, every large media channel has a flaw: they heavily require reporters and freelancers in small and significant areas.
This is very you can use your hand and find the required news and write in your words and provide it to the news media.
You can just email it to the news firm and earn some money.
Later media houses have professionals and editors who will rewrite to make it more engaging with their style.
Places to find these jobs
there are sites where you can find these jobs like and many more opportunities like grants and Scholarships.

3) Transcription jobs
Nowadays, offices are very pricey, hence important, computerization has made possible for offices to work from a small place.
Hence, companies, clinics, attorneys and almost every office is dispensing with bulky paper files of yesteryears.
Instead, they are being increasingly replaced by digital records that can be saved in cyberspace or on compact memory drives.
This is where transcriptions come in.
Basically, transcriptions are nothing more than listening to conversations and writing them on your computer.
Briefly, there are some categories of transcriptions that you can look at:
• Medical transcription
• General transcription
• Foreign language transcription
• Entertainment transcription
• Media/ press transcription

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