Free blog is reliable or not?

You don’t need to be confused if you heard somewhere that starting a blog is free, well its not. Let me explain that are the restrictions and obstacles.

There are many sites like Blogger, Wix and some other that are offering a free blog butm let me tell you that it has a great deal of limitations and restrictions for example.

Your blog will be hosted on a subdomain like or which has obviously became too much lengthy and very difficult to read but not short and easy and eye pleasing like
It is obvious that now your clients, advertisers, traffic don’t take you seriously now, they think this guy is just making it a mess.

There are also the immense amount of limitations and restrictions to design and fonts and other things relating blog which are ultimately controlled by the free blogging platform.
You can’t do anything if they delete your content or even the whole free blog.

There are these basic problems relating with the free blogging platform like blogger, wix and wordpress,.com etc.
Also, I know a hundred who started from this platform, when they wanted to shift from free blogging to paid blogging and the problems and difficulties they faced during their shift.
Not only the shifting problem that they faced, they lost their everything within the blog like audience, traffic, revenue.
So, I highly recommend starting with the paid blog with a very reliable host and does not cost more than 70$ for a whole year.

You must face the difficulties initially while starting and running the blog you own personal blog. Difficulties such as,
• Finding and convincing the audience
• How to divert audience to your blog
• Setup with the host
• Domain purchase
• Keep the blog engaging and active
• Find the writers for the blog or write your own material\
• Choose the category of your blog on which it is based like sports, entertainment, fun and style, health and care, study and tuition, trenchantly and science, adult content etc.
So, if want to start your own blog, you have to keep all these things in mind and then you can start your thing.
First you will face the main difficulty regarding the income. I know a friend who got his first payment after a year, but now he is earning a million dollar per year.

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