Parents Defending Education:A Guide 2024

Parents Defending Education is a national, non-profit and grassroots organization going hard to attack school principals and boards for prompting harmful agendas.

Parents Defending Education is a right learning group organization that is against race theory as well as other left-progressive ideologies being taught in public schools for grades 12.

It has been found in the study that in 2021, the organization complained to the US Department of Education about Racism on behalf of several school districts that are promoting systemic Racism.

It is a liberal non-profit organization that fights against brainwashing in the classroom. It works to restore a healthy, non-political education for children through organization and coalition development, litigation, investigative reporting and involvement in local, state, and federal policy.

PDE gives parents instructions on how to write opinion articles and interact with the media, as well as step-by-step recommendations for questioning school board members and administration.

In addition, it offers conversation topics, organizational techniques, a handbook on parental rights, and templates for parents to submit Freedom of Information Act requests.

Parents Defending Education Prevent Racism

Parents defending Education are against the teaching of Racism in schools. Some families frequently discuss race and the negative impact of discrimination. Conversely, other parents may discuss Racism and discrimination with their children infrequently or never at all.

However, children may learn from their parents’ silence that Racism is unimportant or that it is the fault of others; regardless of identity, everyone must play a proactive part in ending Racism. Similar to this, a lot of small public schools give their children bad lessons regarding Racism, which may hurt society down the road. 

Because of this, PDE is actively involved in this matter and has voiced concerns to the US education system about schools that are teaching students unfavourable information about Racism and discrimination.

Parents Defending Education Support Banning Books From Libraries

Parents defending education favour books about gender, sexuality, identity, critical racial theory, mental health, and political debate, which should not be banned at the school’s libraries. Like Schools supporting mental health issues, students should also discuss these issues more deeply. 

Pupils are presented with text, both written and assigned, that possesses an incredibly depressing and even catastrophic view of the world they live in. Self-harm, suicide and now gender ideology have become the main themes among the children.

Schools are using the term inclusive to defend pornography when they discuss books that feature same-sex couples.According to PDE, schools should teach students about every minor detail regarding basic knowledge and ethics.

Recognizing and maintaining an atmosphere in schools that values and honours the difference in gender identities, sexual orientation and behaviours is crucial. Building a welcoming society shields kids and young people from trauma, discrimination, bullying, and, eventually, poor health consequences.

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How Did The Parents Defending Education Start?

It was formed in Arlington, Virginia. The group made its first announcement in March 2021, and later that year, in the midst of an explosive discussion over pandemic school closures and a growing conservative campaign against critical race theory that started to take centre at local school board meetings.

Parents defending Education criticized “wokeism” and the “cult of antiracism” and declared that it will begin reclaiming K-12 schools from political activists and extremists.

Effect Of Bullying On Children?

Parents defending Education are supporting those children who get bullied in their schools by teachers and students and teach about Racism or discrimination because bullied children may hurt their physical, social, mental and emotional health. 

Children who are victims of bullying are more prone to Depression and anxiety, Feelings of loneliness and sadness, Changes in eating and sleeping routines and Lack of interest in activities. These problems can last till maturity. These children then are more prone to:

  • Health issues
  • Decreased academic achievement: GPA and standardized test score and school participation
  • Highers problem of skipping and quitting schools

Studies have shown that a few youngsters who have been bullies may take highly violent revenge. The shooters had a history of bullying in 12 out of 15 school shooting cases.

Parents Defending Education Ways To Change Education

Parents Defending Education is a non-profit organization that educates parents on defending and reclaiming their children’s schools. The grassroots organization chose to empower, expose and engage as its three main areas to focus on to change Education. They have added these three sections on their website to acknowledge students and parents.


Many students need to learn their roles and what they can do in their Education. So, in this empowering part, a student can learn a certain lesson you are opting for at school or how to address any issue arising at your school.


It is the part for parents to expose anything bad at their child’s school. The greatest way to file a complaint against any school is to file a Freedom of Information Act. You can get the complete filing details on the Parents Defending Education website.


It is the strongest section of the PDE website. You can learn about using social media to fight radical ideology, how to speak at a school board and even engage with the board itself, how to collaborate with private schools and more.Also,see more about Higher Education.

FAQs(Parents Defending Education)

How Can I File A Complaint Against Any School Promoting Racism?

If your school is encouraging Racism and you are having problems dealing with it, you can file a complaint at the school board office. If you don’t see any action, you can complain to parents defending Education.

How Can I Enrol In Parents Defending Education?

Parents Defending Education memberships are only $10 annually, but since PDE wants financial barriers to prevent people from joining, you can choose to pay less or nothing at all.

What Do Parents Defending Education Support?

Parents Defending Education is a non-profit organization that claims any activists imposing harmful agendas, like bullying, discrimination or Racism.


Parents Defending Education is the best organization that teaches students and their parents about dealing with school problems. They are the group who file complaints against any school promoting racial, bullying, or inappropriate teachings.

They provide an excellent way to find out if your school has engaged in radical progressive brainwashing. Parents wishing to inform other parents about what is happening in their absence can send information to PDE. So, if you know about any school that is promoting Racism or discrimination, you can complain about them on PDE website online.

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