How to earn through YouTube

YouTube stars are considered as the self-made celebrities today: People who have owned an audience by creating very interesting stuff like teaching something, entertainment, science, humor, sports, reviewing and commenting etc. these things are very popular on the internet today.
The most people post crazy stuff and the audience do like. They get popular by creating something from scratch and earn good amount of money.

Making money on the YouTube is one thing, but that’s not all that you will get during your experience on the YouTube but there are a lot of special surprises you will get time to time, isn’t that great.
YouTube is growing exponentially day by day and for some people, YouTube is there the basic source of income.

There are some basic steps to earn from this online job opportunity.
1. Start your YouTube channel
2. Create and upload interesting videos.
3. Join YouTube Partner Program
4. Drive traffic using social media sites
5. Design your channel with quality
6. Always think out of the box because people do like crazy stuff
7. Never copywriter anything because YouTube will block your channel if they detect
8. Don’t use downloaded music in your videos but try to pick from the YouTube archives
9. Sync your account with Payoneer or PayPal
10. If there is any adult content in your video then, never forget to set the video on age restriction otherwise, you will get bad reviews
11. Choose the category of your channels like sports, entertainment, arts, music, adult content, parenting or any other and stick to one category if it is satisfying for you because focusing on one thing and expand it is better than creating a mess on different categories
12. Start counting cash daily
You can easily earn from 100 dollars to 5000 dollars in a month which depends upon your stuff and quality of the video. Always advertise your channel on social media sites to drive traffic to your channel, greater the traffic greater the money.

To earn more money and keep your YouTube channel engaging for the audience, you should at least make one video a week. you can make more than one video a week if you are good at it but, remember to make your material engaging for the people. You can also earn by placing different advertisements on your video by creating an AdSense account.

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