How to create account on Fiverr step by step

Fiverr is a modern digital freelance market where you can purchase anything any skill and sell any skill.
Fiverr works like a machine with millions of orders from the buyers posted in a month only to be completed by sellers.
Fiverr take some commission on every order you complete and that is the source of income for Fiverr. Just imagine monthly million orders, suppose 2% commission goes to Fiverr and if every order is of $10, Fiverr will earn 200000 just by doing nothing and taking commission and how much will the sellers earn.

Let me explain that how to create an account on Fiverr.
• Before creating account on Fiverr, first you to create on account on the Payoneer because, every transaction on Fiverr in done through the Payoneer so, you must do that.

• Payoneer account is simple to create, on their website will found register box, click to register and fill the necessary information, it is better to give the email that of the Gmail account with a different password.

• After that the most important thing, they will ask about the IBAN (international banking account number) just google IBAN, then a box will appear, then insert normal banking account number and click to convert, it will convert this account number to IBAN number.

• Payoneer take 3 days to evaluate after that, you are good to go.
• Now come to Fiverr and click on the signup box, sign ordinarily like any other site.
• After signing up, now you must become a seller from a normal buyer account.
• Click on the top right corner become a seller box.
• In this page they will ask about the educational background, certifications, summary on you, profile picture like any other login site.

• They will ask a single line definition which means how you want to describe your self as seller for example, “I am good write” or “I can design professional logo” etc.
• Describe your self-according to your skill because on Fiverr, having some skills is a must, otherwise no one will buy your stuff if you are on Fiverr for time pass.
• Fiverr will also ask about the account you to transact your money, now the Payoneer account will come in play.
• Insert your account details and sync it to the Fiverr, it is very simple you just must put your email and password, Fiverr will send a confirmation email.
Here is your account.

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